Thanks to its position on the border, it is a crossroads of languages and cultures where Italy, Slovenia and Austria meet. The excellent cuisine includes specialities from Friuli, Carinthia and Slovenia.

Tarvisio is also a pilgrimage destination thanks to the charming Sanctuary of the Virgin of Mount Lussari, a place where they say that the Virgin appeared.

For those who love to carry out activities in the open air, the Tarvisio area provides a very wide range of proposals. Near Tarvisio, the Fusine lakes (linked to one another by a charming route), the Montasio Plateau and the Sella Nevea ski area are definitely worth a visit.

Tarvisio in summer

When the green fills your eyes, you can choose from lots of paths to go trekking, horse riding or mountain biking and reach wide glades that feature Alpine huts and malghe (shepherd’s huts).
Climbers and mountaineers will find imposing peaks to be climbed to fully experience the mountains.
Migratory birds, deer and roe deer find shelter in the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park, to be discovered through original hikes as well.

Tarvisio in winter

With skis on, along breathtaking descents or cross-country ski tracks immersed in magical woods (like the thrilling Di Prampero ski run), or with snowshoes, to enjoy the slow charm of landscapes of other times, in Tarvisio you will spend wonderful days on the snow.
At the International Dog Sledding and Mushing School of Tarvisio you will meet these beautiful four-legged friends and travel with them along enchanting snow-covered paths.

Surrounded by the Julian Alps and rich in wide valleys and woods – the Tarvisio Forest, with its 24,000 hectares, is Italy’s largest State forest – the town has a modern look but also an ancient soul, full of traditions worth discovering.

Tarvisio and the "Territory"

In the Surroundings of Tarvisio


Fusine Lakes

The lakes of glacial origin, connected to each other by easy paths, are well inserted in a thick spruce forest and located at the base of the Mangart mountain range.

The environment, where many typical animals and plants live, changes according to the seasons: nature shows its infinite ranges of colours painting the forest and lakes with unique shades and making this site even more magical.

From the lakes of Fusine you can go on excursions of different lengths. In addition to the classic tour of the two lakes, connected by comfortable paths, there is the possibility to reach the Zacchi refuge.

Predil Lake

The Predil lake ( or Raibl lake) is located few kilometres far from Travisio, in an ancient glacial basin.
The water is clear and cold, of an intense green-blue colour; in an island, wreck of a morainic area, partly destroyed, partly submerge, create an evocative landscape.

In the lake is realized a nautical-bathing establishment equipped with a beach area, nautical equipment (rowboats, sailboats, pedalos, surf bikes and kayaks), playground for kids and a windsurf school.


An age-old forest on the border with Austria and Slovenia

The forest of Tarvisio has an age-old history: the first historical evidence about it dates back to the year 1007, when the German Emperor Henry II the Saint donated it to the Bishop of Bamberg. Today, 90% of the area is still burdened with estovers rights of medieval origin.
Furthermore, it is Italy’s largest State forest, excluding parks: 24000 hectares of Alpine territory, 15000 of which covered in productive woods, managed for over a century according to a specific programme that guarantees continuous arboreal cover and the natural renewal of the native species.
For this very reason it is one of the most precious nature areas in Italy and one of the most complete fauna systems in the Alps. The precious wood of the local picea abies (spruce) is especially fit for manufacturing stringed instruments.